Ovlac is a family company which has been manufacturing farming equipment since 1936. Since its beginnings, Ovlac has focused its activity in manufacturing mouldboard ploughs which has been the company´s flagship product for decades and still is today. Over the last 15 years, the Ovlac product range has been expanded to include other soil working tools such as cultivators and short disc harrows. Ovlac is the biggest Spanish soil working equipment manufacturer in terms of unit production.

Mounted Ploughs

A wide range of reversible mounted ploughs to suit any need. Choose from three different protection systems; shear bolt, leaf spring and hydraulic. You also have five series of headstock depending on the available power, and two different working width adjustment systems are available. With common features across the series such as the patented the floating headstock design, hardox steel construction and case hardened mouldboards, there is a plough in the Ovlac range suited to every user.

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Semi Mounted Ploughs

The Ovlac range of monowheel reversible semi-mounted ploughs are available with up to 9 bodies and are available with shear bolt, leaf spring and hydraulic protection systems. All of them are available with either hydraulically adjustable (SS models) or manually adjustable working width in 4 positions  (SL models). The depth adjustment and first body width can always be hydraulically adjusted. Available with a wide selection of accessories like different bodies, trash boards, skimmers, you can be sure to find an option to meet your requirements. 

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Tined Cultivators

Ovlac´s Versatill is designed as an all-purpose stubble cultivator. Its 3 rows of high clearance tines –85 cm- featuring leaf spring auto reset protection guarantee an optimal work in all conditions as well as trouble-free handling of high volumes of trash. Thereafter, a row of notched discs chop, mix and level the resulting work and at the rear of the machine, a wide range of rollers is available to ensure a perfect depth  control as well as an ideal finish and soil consolidation. 

Ovlac´s Chisel is a leaf spring auto reset stubble cultivator of  great clearance -85 under the frame and 95cm between rows- for a working depth of up to 40 cm. Available in 2 or 3 row versions. The leaf spring system works to reduce its pressure as the tine trips up when coming across an obstacle. This results in a lower structural stress on all key parts to make it 100% maintenance free system. 

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Disk Cultivators

The Maxidisc II is Ovlac´s latest short disc harrow generation. With a compact and clear design which does not forget consistency at all, the Maxidisc II allows to work in all types of soils as well as on any cultivation regardless of the amount of residue on the surface. 

The Eurodisc is the most robust product in the Ovlac short disc harrow series. It fits  24 discs (610 mm) with an aggressive angle of attack both in vertical and in the working directions. That is why the Eurodisc has a high penetration capacity and provides an intense mixing and tilling of the stubble at depths of up to 15 cm. In accordance with the product robustness, the Eurodisc features leaf spring stone protection which, on top of being a well proven system, is 100% maintenance-free.

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