Bednar FMT is a progressive manufacturer of agricultural machinery who specialize in the production of machines for tillage, seeding, fertilizing and crop care. Their goal is to produce progressive machines to boost crop yields whilst protecting soil health to help feed the growing population. The company currently employ more than 250 people from their base in the Czech Republic. As of 2020, Bednar have signed an exclusive distribution partnership with Case IH in the UK, giving them an ideal partner to match with their quality products. Find out more at

Bednar Seed Drill

Bednar provide an extensive range of seed drills from three up to twelve metres working width, suitable for controlled traffic farming. The OMEGA, EFFECTA and CORSA drill ranges offer versatile seed drill options of a light concept with disc soil preparation allowing for seeding various types of crops with a high variation of the seeding amount both in the conventional technology system (ploughing) and in the minimizing system with the possibility of additional fertilizing. A major advantage of the Omega seed drill is the placement of the disc sections into an X formation. Thanks to the pressurized hoppers, it is possible to supply even larger doses of fertilizers and thanks to the PSP system (Precise Seed Placement), the seed coulters place the seeds into an identical sowing depth across the entire machine width and perfectly contour the uneven terrain in both the longitudinal and lateral direction.

Bednar Swifter Disc Cultivator

SWIFTERDISC cultivators offer a short compact disc cultivator with high working speeds of up to 15 km/h.

Thanks to the precise distribution of the center of gravity (the axle is placed in front of the rear packer) the machine excels and is perfectly stable, irrespective of the high operating speeds. Each arm is fitted with a pair of discs (Twin-Disc system). They also offer the unique A-discs which cut crop residue better and mix it with the soil. This will allow you to cultivate large amounts of crop residue. A perfectly smooth surface without any ridges between the packers is ensured by the three-piece overlapping rear packer.

Bednar Swifter Disc Profi Cultivator

The SWIFTER PROFI is a modern type of seedbed cultivator that is able to prepare the field for seeding in a single pass. A great advantage is the suspension of the working frame using a system that allows working with the machine at high speeds of up to 15km/h. The Swifter machine now also comes with the optional finish cross-kill for better seedbed consolidation. The machine has replaceable internal working sections – the share section, the gamma tip section and the SB section. The machine can be used both in a conventional farming method and in minimisation systems.

Bednar Actros Cultivator

The ACTROS cultivator is a robust combined (disc-share) machine that is capable of cutting and processing a large quantity of crop residue in a single pass and mix the crop residue effectively with loosened soil, up to a depth of 35 cm (Active-Mix tines), and disrupt soil layers using the zero-mix tines. The machine can work without rear packers, there are shares behind the transport wheels. An ideal solution in extreme conditions. The transport axle is located in the middle of the machine, which reduces the turning radius at headlands.

Bednar Terraland Cultivator

The TERRALAND is a robust, combined (discs and tines) machine which can be used for cutting and tilling large amounts of post-harvest residues in a single pass and mixing them thoroughly with loosened soil up to max. 45 cm (Active-Mix tines), or for deep tillage of land without mixing the soil (Zero-Mix tines) also up to a depth of 45 cm. The machine can be equipped with 2 types of rear packers for various soil conditions. The machine can also be used with a Ferti-Box (37.5×75 cm) for storage fertilization, or along the width.

Bednar Mulcher Toppers

Bednar’s range of MULCHER rotary mowers are designed for mulching perennial grasslands, crop residue on arable soil (maize, sunflower, canola, etc.) and self-seeded trees. Working widths of 4, 5 and 6 metres combined with the machine’s high work rate guarantees a top of the range performance at a low daily operating cost. The robust construction of its zinc coated body makes it the ultimate machine for use in some of the harshest conditions known to farming.