Case IH Harvesting

Equipment built to perform with the speed and efficiency that farmers demand for a successful harvest. With the Axial-Flow® range and a wide choice of headers, the Case IH harvesting range will consistently perform at high capacity with best quality output. Harvesting technology has always designed with the operator in mind.


Axial-Flow 140 Series

3 Models From 312 to 449 HP

Everything about the Axial-Flow® 140 series is about greater productivity – when operating on flat ground and, even more, on hillsides. And not one minute will be wasted in servicing, with the easy access to service points on the right side and the smaller and lighter concaves that are easy to handle. On top of that, Residue Management easily and quickly switches from spreading and windrowing, and ensures the even spreading ideal for modern farming practices.

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Axial-Flow 240 Series

3 Models From 498 to 634 HP

Case IH 240 series combines are built for the biggest farms, the largest contractors, the most demanding owners and operators, and the highest yields. They are developed and built for the lowest operating costs and utmost reliability – day after day, and season after season. At their heart is the proven Axial-Flow® single rotor technology, providing all the benefits associated with this concept such as thorough threshing, minimum losses and excellent grain quality due to the gentlest of grain handling.

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Header Range

5 Headers to Harvest Any Crop

Any combine is only as good as its header. To obtain high performance output from a combine, high capacity feeding is key, and there is no better match for a Case IH Axial-Flow® combine than a Case IH header designed to complement its capabilities and maximize its output potential. Our headers are designed to perform at their best in all conditions: for maximum productivity, perfect stubble height and no straw and ear losses, whatever the harvesting conditions may be.

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