For over 25 years Alpego has been designing and manufacturing agricultural implements based on the 60 years’ experience in farming of the Pegoraro family. The company’s philosophy has always been geared toward the research and development of technological and organizational innovations. Alpego hold unique patents which you will not find anywhere else on the market such as; the security mix system, central drive gear box, the twin-force system, volumetric metering system, the AS4 seeding system and the SSA mulching chamber. 

Power Harrows

With a range of power harrows rated from 20 to 500 horsepower, there is truly a unit for any type of tractor. With rigid models up to 4m and hydraulic folding models up to 8m, the unique Alpego power harrow design allows the user to work at greater forward speeds than that of other power harrow brands. Levelling bars can be independently adjusted, and the rear floating roller is on a parallelogram system, creating am excellent seedbed, with the ability to cultivate deeper than with other brands. The patented gearbox and rotor options combine to produce the only power harrow on the market, which due to its robust and innovative design, is back with a 3 year powertrain warranty. 


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Seed Drills

The Airspeed AS1 rigid and AS4 foldable pneumatic seed-drills have a strong and very reliable design and are the ideal instruments for drilling cereals depending on the size of operation. They are designed to be combined with the Alpego seed-bed preparation implements and are the ideal machines for a modern and sustainable agriculture operation. There combination with the Alpego Rubber disc coulter bar is particularly efficient, since it makes drilling possible under any type of soil: sandy, hard or very wet and sticky. 
The high capacity multifunctional ASF AND ASmaX hoppers are totally made of Inox steel and can be divided in two parts of adjustable volume to be used with seeds and /or fertilizer. 
The double enhanced distributing system allows to deliver high quantities of product both in terms of working width and speed. Drills can also be paired with the Maratona disc harrow unit to allow for flexible options in different soil types. 


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Flail Mowers

The Tristar, Trilat and Tristoc flail mower/mulcher range are rated from 10 to 160 horsepower. Multiple option include front and rear mounting systems, hydraulically adjustable offset and fully offset designs. With unique patented features such as the self-cleaning roller with protected anti-buildup barings, a rounded double-skinned frame and the SSA mulching chamber, Alpego has a range of flail mowers designed for a small holding right up to a heavy use contractor. The double hydraulic side-shifting models also include a externally mounted gearbox to allow for maximum side displacement.


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Sub Soilers

The Cracker, Mega Craker and Skat sub-soilers provide a variety of option for different purposes. The Craker machines feature a unique shear bolt design to minimise the damage caused when tripping. These machines are designed for tractors from 50 to 500 horsepower and go up to 5 metre working width, using rigid and hydraulically folding frames. 

The Skat is the hydraulic auto-reset version, and comes in option suitable for machines up to 400 horsepower and in working widths up to 4 metres. All these machines are build from Swedish SSAB high strength steel. 


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The Cayman cultivator range comes in a range of different option. Suited for 120 to 320 horsepower, and with mounted rigid, mounted hydraulic folding and trailed options, there is truly an option suited to any system. With up to three rows of tines, followed by a row of angled shallow cultivation discs and finished with different packer roller options, the Cayman is versatile enough to cope in differing conditions, including high stubble and heavy residue. With current working width up to 6 metres, Alpego are working on expanding this range to produce wider options in the future.